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JEM!  Glitter and gold!  (Me)

Summer nostalgia!

I had planned to make a larger post, but being relegated to dial-up at the moment, that's not going to happen. Instead, I bring you one song, that to ME is the pinnacle of all things summer.

Anyone who was a fan of Nickelodeon in the 1990's (and what 20something now WASN'T??) might remember Nick in the Afternoon. During the summer, there was an afternoon block of programming, which was broken up by segments with a host...A host named Stick Stickly. Stick was probably my favorite thing EVER (it was LOVE, people), and I was crushed when Nick started doing another program in the summer and ended the era. Recently, I found a song...and this won't mean anything to anyone who doesn't remember what I'm talking about, but I swear, every time I listen to it, I'm transported to summers past, sitting in the living room, eating a popsicle, watching TV...GOOD. TIMES.

So! I hope at least one person out there listens to this and can reconnect with those childhood summer days. *sniff*

/really long exposition on one song

Lemon Demon-Stick Stickly

Listen. Love. Remember the Stickly. :)