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Theme o' the Week: Week 5

This is a theme that might be weird to some, but is near and dear to my own heart. Hopefully ya'll won't mind too much:


That means any songs from any LGBT artists, or songs that you associate with gaydom in any shape or form. I'm talking about any artists from Ani DiFranco to David Bowie to Eddie Izzard to Le Tigre, or even straight gay icons like Cher and Dolly Parton - and any songs from "I Wanna Take You To a Gay Bar" to "Killer Queen", or stuff off the Velvet Goldmine or Queer as Folk soundtracks - WHATEVER. Go crazy, people!

PS - the first person to post Pansy Division wins a gold rainbow star. :D

PPS - Wikipedia can really be your friend on this theme. Lookit all those bisexual musicians!

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VM--Logan has no pants!

Theme of the week! Week two!

Hello, all! I'm Sarah, one of your friendly mods, and I bring you (much less morbid) themeage! With Memorial Day right around the corner, we thought this challenge would be particularly fitting this week....


So, those songs that scream summer? That are perfect for playing while grilling up some burgers, or listening to at the beach? We want to hear them :). There was a CRAZY awesome response last week (First week!), and we hope to see even more posting this week!

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Theme o' the Week

Here's our very first Theme:


Kind of morbid, I know, but I think it's going to be fun. And we're all about doing things just a little bit differently at this new community, so this definitely qualifies as different. :D