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Off-Theme Post: My Playlist

Just in case this week's theme is not your cup of tea, I'm offering my playlist up for requests.


++ My playlist is heavy on the country, folk/bluegrass, classic rock, 90's alternative and Disney. So... yeah, feel free to mock me.

++ This is 4754 songs, 18.43 GB - actually about half what I have on my hard drive, but I figure that should be enough to get you started. Note: the playlist is a REALLY BIG FILE, so give the page a minute to load.

++ Please only request 5 songs or less (and obviously, no full albums or protected files). After I fill your initial request, feel free to come back & request more.

++ Check the comments first to see if someone else already requested the song you want.

++ I'll try to get all these requests done right away but if I don't, then I'll probably get to them tomorrow night or soon thereafter. If I get 500 million requests and become swamped, I will let everyone know in advance that it might take longer than I thought.
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